What is Moflo?

Moflo is a beacon for a belief system that promotes self-growth, and environmental enrichment through actions aligning with one's words & goals while maintaining balance within one's self (would say life but it is too unpredictable).

As part of being alive, existence is a fact. If you're spending your existence pursuing, contributing to, believing in, or hoping for better, and you're giving it all you got (So... In other words "Doing your best"), RESPECT!  

That's what Moflo is all about. Moflo is about doing YOUR best.

Right now it is comprised of one man doing his best. Hopefully, his best is good enough to change that.  

Moflo will release a mixed bag of things. All with their own singular experience-enriching purpose crossing sub-cultures and mediums. There is a lot to do. So... get involved, enjoy, do your best, and take care of yourself.    


A bit about a nerd:

My name is King, and I'm from America (Midwest), but based in France. So, KFA (King From America) is my online persona. Creating, Tinkering, and Growing is what I am all about, I can't sit still and I don't care why.

Originally I started off my professional career cooking, and after doing that for many years and rising the ranks, I decided it was time for a change. Not just in my career, but in life. Art has always been a passion of mine, possibly my main one, it was super useful having that as a background in the kitchen.

However, my ambitions did not align with the Kitchen's ambitions.  

A couple of years have gone by and I've been hard at work developing the skills I need to make the things I wish existed.

"Jack of all trades, master of none - but often at times, better than master of one".

Now I'm going to continue doing exactly that. I am going to make hardware mods, video games, blog posts about it all, the occasional product video, and just the most random shit.  It's not going to be easy...but ehhh.    

I'm just one nerd making things for other nerds at the end of the day.  


If you are considering becoming a member, THANK YOU! The way I see memberships is "you would like to support not just me, but the idea of people all around the world doing their best while keeping that balance and staying healthy". Of course, there are rewards involved for the different tiers. If you are here just for those, then OK, whatever, that's also cool. Thank you!

New stuff will be released on a regular basis. It may not always be to your liking but it will be to someone's liking. More than likely someone you know.

The free membership perks activate right away. All other tier perks activate after 3 months of being a member of that tier.  

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Moflo will never spam you, or disclose any of your private information.


Be sure to explore the site.

Blog posts are coming, along with the members only shop.

If you read all of this, thank you for your time and being here for the early days.